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The new Schleich products have arrived! We are delighted to present to you our new, expanded theme worlds. As well as many new Schleich figurines, there are numerous play sets and lots of accessories to ensure endless fun!

Girls who love horses will have a new favourite theme: the Schleich Horse Club! Spend unforgettable hours with your friends at the redesigned, colourful horse stable. Here you can look after your favourite horses and then set off on an exciting trip in the pink pick up with horse box.

You can let your imagination run wild in the Farm World of Schleich: In the new large farm, all your animals will find a loving home in the country. With the fun new feed silo, you can help the farmer's wife feed the animals.

Experience breathtaking adventures with the Schleich Dinosaurs in the fascinating world of prehistoric giants! The home of the fearsome T-Rex provides spectacular, imaginative fun: The giant, lava-spewing volcano can even hurl boulders through the air at the touch of a button! Catch your enemies in the dinosaur trap and lock them up in the dark jail. Will you manage to decipher the mysterious puzzle in the meantime?

Discover the habitats of wild animals in the Wild Life world of Schleich: Stroll through the savannah and go on Safari. Then have at rest at the Big adventure at the waterhole with its magnificent oasis and bubbling waterfall. Here, giraffes and a family of elephants graze while wild cats prowl their territory. Or why not dive into the fascinating underwater worlds of Ice & Ocean with corals, whales and aquatic plants?

In bayala, the realm of the beautiful mythical creatures from Schleich, six fabulous star sign elves with special abilities captivate the inhabitants. Fly in the glowing, enchanted flower balloon, pulled by sparkling butterflies, over the magical land in search of the new twinkling star elves.

The Schleich knight's adventure Eldrador continues the search for the mysterious metal Purodum, from which magical weapons can be forged. In the battle arena, the final showdown takes place between the griffin and the dragon knights. Will the battle be decided once and for all this time?